Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This is Spring?

Spring hasn't quite sprung here. We woke up to SNOW. Of course, Travis was really mad. He's tired of the snow. I went out to shovel and it was HEAVY and WET. We got about 1.5 inches. Now it's 48 degrees and the new snow it melted and the old snow is going quickly. I thought I downloaded the pictures I took this morning and realized I hadn't put them into the computer and I already deleted them from my camera! Darn it!

I took the Foxy girl out to get her washed and I took her out for a drive to dry her off and I had my camera so I took some pictures of her. She got new seat covers, too.

If you haven't tasted these, THEY ARE GOOD! Lemon kisses.....mmmmmm. I bought them at Target for 50% off after Easter. I love sales.

Well, I hope you all are having a sunny day, even if the weather isn't perfect outside. :)


Thimbleanna said...

LEMON KISSES!!! Oooooh, must find them -- I've never heard of them! This late in the season I don't bother shoveling anymore -- the temps swing so wildly, it will all just melt the next day! I can see why you guys are sick of winter though -- you got walloped this year!

happy zombie said...

OMG... Lemon Kisses... wow! I bet if you ate one with a vanilla wafer it would taste like lemon meringue pie!

Never seen those here. Course, I'm usually cruising the cheese aisle and not the candy aisle.

Wende said...

It snowed here yesterday. I thought of you. :D

Red Geranium Cottage said...

WOW lemon kisses?? That's a new one for me.