Monday, March 24, 2008

Banner and Friends and a Foxy Girl

It all started when I made little bookmarks for our bible study group. One of the ladies mentioned that "someone"(as she looked at me) should make some banners for our church since the walls are pretty plain. I must add, that our little church meets in the SB Raquet Club. Anyway, there is a picture on the front of the bulletin every week and so I copied it and made this banner. I used the crayon technique that my smart chick friend Monica taught us on her blog. I "colored" the little lines on the lighthouse. The rest is pretty much applique. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

This is our little blue jay friend and his new squirrel friend. We're not quite sure if this was a young jay or just sick, AND, the next morning there were feathers in the yard, so we think he may have been eaten. He was sleeping all puffed up under one of our chairs, then he moved to under the tree and was eating. Travis went out to see him and he didn't fly away like they normally do, which is why we think he was young or sick. He was so cute!

We just got a new sticker for the Foxy girl. I go to an Element Owner's Club discussion forum and there was a thread about stickers on your Element. There are some CUTE stickers that we may have to get, but so far, this is what we have. The new one from the EOC is on the left corner. That's Anisa driving, going off to hang out with her friends.


CONNIE W said...

The banner is great! Well done.

Happy Zombie said...

Your banner is AWESOME! I really wanted to use another word besides "awesome"... but it's just too awesome!

Happy day after Easter Cindy! xoxo-m

~D~ said...

You did such a great job on the banner!

I miss you guys!