Thursday, November 09, 2006

Well, I sent my oldest baby off to the Big City! New York here she comes! She went on a mission trip with the Sturgeon Bay Moravian church. The Moravians are pretty much like Lutherans. It's not our church, but they have a really good youth group and there are quite a few of Anisa's friends who go there.

They boarded the bus at noon Wed. and drove all night to get to NY first thing in the a.m. Thurs. It's the first time I've ever let my baby go on a trip like this but we're excited for her.

The plan is they will work (there are 6 groups of one adult and 4 kids each) throughout the city ~Stanton Island, Manhattan and Brooklyn for 2 days, Sat. will be sightseeing ~one of the places they are definitely going is Ground Zero. Sunday, they'll worship with a Carribean congregation ~loud, hand clapping, feet stompin' Praisin' the Lord!! Then they'll pack lunches, board the bus, drive all night to make it home EARLY Monday morning so they can go to school. She's going to be a tired pup, but will have some awesome new memories for the rest of her life.

This is a picture of Anisa and Amm, one of her dear buds here. Amm is an exchange student from Thailand. Anisa is learning some Thai words and Amm gets to practice her english. Aren't they just the cutest??!!!


Happy Zombie said...

How cool is that trip for Anisa!!! Oh woman, how tough that must have been to see your baby go off to the big city without you!

I hope Nisa is taking lots and lots of photos so we can go on her trip via your blog! PS... I know some Thai words too! Chicken Satay, Pad Thai, Pra Rahm Gai...

The Chicken Lady said...

Woman, you're GOOD with your Thai! :) hee hee Yea, I hope the kiddo takes TONS of pics to post here. Or maybe she'll have to make her own blog. I can't wait til she gets home to tell me her adventures.