Friday, November 10, 2006

Quilts, finally DONE!

Well, I actually finished!

I started the Clipper quilt (Anisa's high school is the Sturgeon Bay Clippers) when we were going to the football games and needed to stay warm. Well, football season is over, but we have a warm toasty quilt to keep us warm (since we don't have ENOUGH in the house already!). The red/white blocks are split nine-patches and were very fun to make since they went together pretty quickly. The Clippers on the bottom are just pieced ships that I found in one of my books.

This little star quilt came from a pattern I found in one of my boxes. I cut it out of a magazine ages ago and found it again, and thought, "Wow, that's cute. I should make that". So, I did. The Tiny star blocks are 1.5" finished and the little red/yellow 4 patches between the stars are only 1/4". Lucky for me, the pattern shows you to make them bigger, then cut them down so you're not working with a bunch of tinsey little pieces. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. It won't be keeping anyone warm, except the dust bunnies it's covering on the table. :)


Happy Zombie said...

OH CINDY! I don't know where to start. I'm ALMOST typeless! I love, love, love the Clippers quilt! I think that's my fave so far that you've made! And the little teeny tiney wee quilt... how cute is that! I'm glad you put the coin on it so I could visualize the size. I love them both!

Happy Zombie said...

Are those chickens I see next to the Clipper quilt? Is one of them the one you found in that cute shop when we were up in Sisters? Didn't you name her Sissy?

The Chicken Lady said...

Yep, Sissy is there along with all her sisters. :) Wow, you have a good memory. I can't remember anything. :) tee hee All my chickens are now in my sewing room, instead of the living room. It's nice to be surrounded by those I love when I'm quilting. :)