Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Christmas by the Bay

So, we went to the Christmas parade the day after the tree lighting. Anisa said it was probably going to be boring (the last parade we went to lasted all of about 5 minutes and WAS boring, but this was really nice. EVERYONE was there.

Of course, the police and fire dept. started the whole thing out.

Then the Sturgeon Bay High School Band rocked the house, er, um, well, the neighborhood. :)

Here's our little piccolo player....isn't she cute??!! The band here really is good. The drummers especially like their job.

There were all sorts of floats and cars, scooters and even CAMELS!! This camel is actually a baby. Isn't she adorable?? And so calm. She just walked by without a care in the world. She's very fuzzy for the winter too.

This combo made us laugh, because....ONLY IN WISCONSIN does a beer (well, if you want to call Budweiser "BEER") truck follow a church float in the Christmas parade!

And ending the whole procession is Santa in a One Horse Open Sleigh. It was a fun morning. Luckily, it was good weather, too. Cold, but no rain or snow, although snow would have been COOL!!! :)

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Laurie said...

Love your parade photos! We took Santa in our local parade in a carriage much like that one! Your town reminds me of my own. :)