Thursday, January 13, 2011

not much

Not much to really report. Things are slowly getting back to normal after Anisa's return, the holidays and snow storms. :) I've been working with my friend, turning her into a quilter, but she saw my Monica bags (will post pics later, but they're so cute and easy, I have kind of gone crazy making them) and wanted to make some for next Christmas gifts. :) She bought fabric for a few, and we cut out 4 and FINISHED one. The other 3 are just waiting to be put together, but almost done. She was thrilled with what she did. And I am proud of my little student.

This morning the inside of my house was PINK! Bright pink light was flowing into my house and I LOVED IT!! I had to go outside and get a picture of the sky. It was so is a tiny piece of what I got to see...

The dance team is having a fundraising competition a week from Sunday, so I have been making little drawstring bags to make coach gifts. I need to get some fabric to make another quilt, but I'm waiting for Joann's sale next week. :) Other than that, the girls are in school, Travis is at work and I plan to shop today. yay. Have a spectactular day everyone!!

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