Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Years at Times Square

Oh, yeah. You heard right...Anisa and I stood for 7.5 hours waiting to watch the ball drop in Times Square. It was a blast. We were a little worried because NY got snow days before so we didn't know what the road conditions were going to be like. The roads all the way up were good, but there was a lot of snow in April's neighborhood. We rented a car, so we wouldn't have to park our cars anywhere in NY! :) heehee

My wonderful little cousin and her man let us stay with them in Jersey City. Then April took us into the city at about 4:30 and dropped us off in a good viewing area. They section off blocks with barricades, so we parked ourselves into an area and got to stand there...and stand...and stand...and stand. Once they close off each section, you can't leave, or you don't get back in, so I was prepared to stand out there for a long time...with my Depends! :) I didn't have to take advantage of them, but at least I was covered in case of emergency.

At first it didn't look good for us having a good time. Everyone around us spoke a different language and the lady behind Anisa kept bumping into her. For some reason, people thought our area was the smoking area....we were right next to the barricade. BUT, then we met a really cute couple that was there for the first time too. We talked, yelled, counted and swung our little balloon with them. There was entertainment....some singers that we kind of know, some TV personalities, and even a wedding.

After the countdown and MIDNIGHT, we had to get out of the boundary real quick to get our new friends to their bus. Unfortunately, they weren't letting anyone out on the street that we needed to cross, so along with 5 bazillion other people, we had to push our way down about 7 blocks, then over about 2 then BACK 5 to the bus station. They made their bus with 5 minutes to spare, but we had to run about 3 city blocks. What an adventure. I'd definitely do it again, but the next time, I'd get there REALLY EARLY to get a spot in front of the stage.


Anne Heidi said...

Sounds like you had a great time! That is a looong time to stand in a crowd though, way to go!

happy zombie said...

How fun!!!! I've never known anyone that's gone to NYE in Time's Square. How freaking exciting, chickie!!!

Whooo whoo... love that you switched to a white background on your blog. I can read it now! Boy have I missed a lot!!! Better go refill my coffee cup.

Miss you like mad and wish you were on this side of I-5. xxoo