Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Yep, we're frozen. Sara's school has been cancelled for the day. Anisa and Travis still had to go in to school and work. Last night we got the sheer pleasure (NOT) of a freezing rain storm. For those of you who have never experienced freezing rain, it's the weirdest thing! Most people think it's little ice coming from the sky. Nope. It's actually RAIN, which freezes instantly when it hits anything. So, trees, vehicles, sidewalks/roads....it gets a nice, thick layer of ice. It turns a shopping day into a laundry and sewing day. :) Here are some pics of our ice covered rigs and our poor little baby tree! :) It looks kind of "drippy" on Foxy, but it's FROZEN SOLID. We had to let her run for almost half hour with defrost on before we could scrape all the ice off her windows.

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