Monday, August 16, 2010

random stuff

I have been telling people that I would update my blog, but I haven't...until now. :)

My blog would not be complete if I didn't have a picture of a squirrel. But I am also including, as a bonus, a cicada! This little buggy guy just hatched from his little shell. Now he is living in the trees singing his little summer Cicaday song. :) They can be really loud when they're all singing in their little choir, but it's the sound of summer here. I used to not really like it, until I saw three of these little guys hatch by my garage door. Now, I think they're cute and I appreciate their music more.

We had Shana out from WI for a week. That was fun. We did a little shopping, went to VA Beach, went into DC, enjoyed Jumbo Slice with Sammi, Anand and Kayley and she even got to watch WSHS Dance Team practice. Here are some highlights from her visit.

Anisa is leaving for Italy in a little over a month. I can't believe it's coming so fast. Still happy and nervous feelings going through the house. I hope this will be an amazing trip for her and a growing/maturing experience for my baby. I can't believe my "baby" is almost 20! yikes. She has been cooking candy like a madwoman at school. We've had truffles, caramel, brittle and even some cakes... here are her cakes. Ok, I'm not sure why blogger has turned the anniversary cake sideways, but I've downloaded it twice. so, it stays. :)

I just finished 2 quilts for the dance coaches. The block is Card Trick and there is a little triangle in the top corner of each quilt with a Joker on it. The theme last year was Dark Knight (Batman) and the Joker had a big part in it along with cards. Their colors were purple and green.

Sara started dance practice again, so summer is officially over. School starts after Labor Day for her. I can't believe she'll be a Junior this year. I hope to get some quilting done when our schedule is back to a semi-normal. I'm also hoping for a camping trip, just Travis and me, to Gettysburg this fall. But that's another blog post! :)

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Vivienne said...

First, let me say that my word verification is "hequirls" and I am wondering if it is some medical term to describe those who are fond of squirrels.

I can't believe Anisa is almost 20 and about to head to Italy. I am certain she won't find bigger slices of pizza.... Beautiful cakes (and quilts!)