Friday, July 16, 2010

Poor Little Neglected Blog

Oh my, have I neglected my poor little blog. Not because I want to. I miss blogging, I miss my bloggy friends, but that blasted Facebook has been hogging much of my time, and let's just not get started on Farmville..... :)

Anyway, to catch everyone up and to post pics for those of you who just wanna see, here goes.... (this may not be in chronological order, it's just the way it comes out of my brain)

The girls and I went to California. Some of you know we were planning a trip to Ireland this year. We got our passports (finally) and I was checking out all the prices, collecting info from people and websites, etc. I told Travis to make sure to put in for leave before I booked anything. Well, he came home one day and told me he couldn't take leave for the 2 week window we had when Anisa and Sara had off of school at the same time (Anisa is in school for the summer quarter). Anyway, because it's transfer season and the old guys had already gone and the new guys are still learning thier jobs, Travis couldn't get a whole 2 weeks off at a time. Big time bummer for us, but because we are a CG family, we adapt. Anisa headed to WI for a quick visit and when Sara finally got out of school for the summer, we headed to CA and Anisa met us a few days later. We visited only family this time, except one friend I got to see while waiting for Anisa to get to the airport. It was busy, hectic and we did have fun. We went to Knott's Berry Farm, Mt. Baldy and Newport Beach/Balboa Island. The kids had fun with their cousins and favorite uncle Blake. :) The weather was awesome, and as much as I hate California, I appreciated the nice weather it provided (in the high 70s/low 80s with a cool breeze every day and lows were in the 60 - while in DC it was in the 90s/100s with high humidity). You can see pics on my Shutterfly.

So, as I said already, Anisa is going to school this summer. It kind of stinks, because it keeps us home. We can't really make a far, family trip. Weekends are being taken up by Dance Team fundraising for Sara. Ah, having kids who are older and involved..... Anyway, she went in to school on Monday and called about 10 minutes after being dropped off. I though she was going to tell me class had been canceled. Nope. She said she ran into Chef Sholly and he asked if she wanted to go to Italy! The school has a study abroad program and the culinary students can go to Italy for a quarter. She will take classes, tours, and even make a trip to Spain and Germany. Her main post will be the small town of Orvieto. From there they will bus, train or plane to all kinds of places and see different things. She'll learn about meats, cheese, olives and wine. How to get good stuff, how to use it and how to cook it. She'll be gone from Sept to Dec. The only bad thing is my Mommy overprotectiveness. I'll miss my baby. I'll worry about my baby. They speak a different language there that she has to learn before Sept. I know she'll have a blast, I know it's a trip of a lifetime, I just hope she doesn't want to stay forever! :) Or maybe that would be a good thing. We'd have a place to visit when we go to Europe. :)

Another story out here is the summer weather. While we were in CA, a couple of days got into the 100s. And it is not a dry heat. It is so humid and muggy, you can almost cut through the air. It's hard to breathe. I hate it. Luckily, it's cooled of a tiny bit. It's only getting to about 90 this week, but still humid. Like right now out on my front window (where our little sensor is) it's 94 degrees, 44% humidity. My dad said it was hot and muggy down at his house, so I just checked what says it is. It's 102 degrees and 24 % humidity. Still VERY icky and when it's that hot, it's just plain miserable, but if it feels humid in CA at 24%, you can imagine what it feels like at 44%. poopy! I can complain. I don't complain about rain, snow or freezing temps. I choose to whine in the summer, but now I'm done. :)

Sara is leaving in the morning to Dance camp. They will be there until Tues. I think they learn a couple of routines, team building, etc. It should be fun, but I hope their weather is good. Forecast is for scattered thunderstorms and showers. I just hope they get to stay inside in the air conditioning.

I think that's it for now. I can't remember anything else super important to tell you all. I hope you're having a fantastic day whatever you're doing and wherever you are. :)


Creative Chaos said...

Your blog is beautiful!

Vivienne said...

Believe me, I heard everything you said in this post, but the part I'm stuck on is that you were 20 minutes from me and didn't tell me!(We have Knott's passes, btw, and we totally would've met you there!) :(