Thursday, February 04, 2010


They are forecasting a HUGE storm blowing in tomorrow. They are predicting that we will get 18-22 inches. People are FREAKING OUT. This picture was from my phone, so it's not that great, but you can see the bread aisle at the market. I went to get bread and a couple of other things to make our snowed in weekend happy (Oreos and milk). The parking lot was so full that I had to drive around a couple of times (this is a BIG parking lot). I lucked out and got a front spot and ran in. I got to the bread aisle and laughed. The beer section was surprisingly full. It would have been the opposite in Wisconsin. School has been cancelled for tomorrow and the weekend activities are also canceled (there were basketball games scheduled).

We got about 5 inches last weekend. Travis is upset that these storms keep blowing in on the weekends. I saw on the news that they have already measured approximately 24" at Reagan Airport. That is more than the last 3 winters combined. If we get what they're predicting we will go over what the area has gotten in the last 5 winters combined. We brought it with us. That's the only logical explanation. :) This is the view from our upstairs window. Isn't it so pretty??!!

I'll keep you posted this weekend!

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Kelly G. said...

I laughed at the beer aisle comment because it is so true! What else are people going to drink before they get on their snowmobiles? You must have taken the snow with you because last night on the news they said Green Bay has only had 24 inches this year total! We are down from the last 2 winters. Enjoy your snowed in weekend. Always good quilting when it snows!