Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Look what she made....and we got to eat! :)

This is one of the benefits to having a daughter in Culinary school. You get to eat her classwork. :) She made tarts. Aren't they adorable? And they taste DELICIOUS!!! I know, several of you have offered to test her work. You have to come and visit to get some. Today she is making croissants! I LOVE croissants. Ah, the buttery, flakiness.

Now for the complaining part of this post. We are going to get fat with all these yummy desserts because the snow is still here! I'm so sick of it. There are no sidewalks. You take your life into your own hands if you want to run on the roads, since the plows just pushed the snow onto the shoulders of the roads. oy. I think Travis and I are running on treadmills tomorrow. boring, but necessary. We have a race next month and we haven't gotten any running in BECAUSE OF THE STUPID SNOW.

Ok, I'm done now. I saw some little flower heads poking up in the yard today, the birds are singing every morning when I go outside. I do have some things to be thankful for. We leave for Orlando in a week and 2 days for Sara's dance competition. That is going to be fun!!! :) Ok, that's about it for now. :) I hope you all are having a wonderful week. I love you all!!!! :)


Marie said...

Hey there, wish I was there for this ummy dessert but most of all to see you and my family t here. Hoping for maybe the cherry blossom time and maybe the snow will be gone and the kids will know where they are going. Take care. Stay safe on those crazy roads, Hugs, Marie

Sheri said...

Yummo!!! They are beautiful! As for your snow . . . stay warm and safe.
Love you guys,

happy zombie said...

Oh all right. I'll help with the homework!