Tuesday, February 16, 2010


We are finally in the recovery mode ~ I hope! We had a little dusting of snow last night, but right now the sun is out and it's a bit warm. We have HUGE chunks of ice on all the roads, so it's still slow going to most places. School was on a 2-hour delay this morning and some schools in the area are still closed because they can't get to sidewalks or bus stops. Even at our school, there is very limited parking, they sent out an email telling students to take the bus or get a ride so they wouldn't have to deal with all those cars trying to find parking.

I know some people laugh, and it IS kinda funny, but when I say the snow has crippled the area, I'm not kidding. People don't have snowblowers here, the city/counties have to hire anybody with a plow on their truck to help plow roads, so you get some dude out there with a 4x4 and a plow (and don't forget the cell phone!) just pushing snow wherever. They don't know what they're even doing! Oy. The Federal Government was closed all last week except Friday, and even then, Travis worked from home. There are HUGE piles of snow EVERYWHERE. No sidewalks can be found and there are TONS of trees uprooted or broken. BUT, the storm that was supposed to come in at the end of the week, isn't looking like it's coming here. YAY!

I'm not TOTALLY complaining, but I am looking forward to all this snow melting and being done with it. I know, CINDY WANTS SNOW TO GO AWAY???REALLY??? Yep, I want the Virginia snow to go away. It's not as fun as Wisconsin snow. I'm attaching a couple of pictures of a couple of days after the last big storm that dumped 2 feet on us. The first one is looking down our street ~our house is on the right. The second picture is the road leaving our neighborhood. I can't wait for spring! :) You can see where the mailboxes are and the street lights. Yeah, that's where the curbs are....there was a 1.5 car-width lane going through the neighborhood. Not fun.

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happy zombie said...

DANG! Looking at all of your snow pics! That's a boat load of snow! And here I am hoping for some tonight.