Monday, February 18, 2008

Pictures of Winter in Wisconsin

The main reason I started this blog was because I am so far away from my friends and family and I wanted a place to be able to share what my life is like here. So, with that in mind, here are some pictures of what we're living in right now. :)

This is the ship canal. I was out at the CG station at the end of the canal and shot this toward town. It was really cool because the ice was shifting and cracking and sounded really neat.

This picture cracked me up. It says Private Dock. Um, I know there's a dock in there somewhere.

Here is an ice hut. I don't know the technical name for these but they're the little huts people put on the ice and sit in to ice fish. So, Ice Hut seems like the most logical name to me. This one is sitting out in the bay.

Here is a bigger picture of the bay with more ice huts. You can see the steel bridge in town.

This was just a little stream I saw on my travels a couple of days ago. I loved how the sun was shining on it and the snow was all up on it's little "bank".

This is a little Ruffed Grouse. I was just driving along and saw a couple in a tree. I thought there were only 2, then I looked again and saw 3. They were just sitting there watching me.

Here is some sort of bee or wasp or hornet nest. I was looking for some nice canal view and happened to look up and see this thing. Right now, the bugs are probably either dead or hibernating ~ if they do that. But I figured I'd stay in the car anyway.

These were taken last night. We had a big winter storm blow in Saturday night. It started with some freezing rain, then we got snow. They called for around 8-11 inches. We ended up with about 9 inches by the time it was all over. The first picture is my driveway about 10 minutes after I finished shoveling it.

This second picture is the side yard. The piles of snow are piling up high. We have had snow on the ground since Dec. 1. We had a little warm spell at the end of December and a lot of the snow melted, but not totally. Then we had another storm and we haven't had it melt since. I don't mind since I think it looks so pretty.

This is a picture I just took today. It is our backyard chairs. We're not going to be sitting in them anytime soon. :)


The Real Me said...

Ice hut is appropriate but they are usually called ice shanties. :) Just another lesson in your Wisconsin education. We didn't get as much snow as you all did this time around, but we got 20inches last week so I guess it all works out. Be encouraged that this isn't a "normal" winter, we are breaking records left and right.

happy zombie said...

So people go into those huts because they WANT TO? Times like this - my Californian pops out and I just don't get that. But then again most people don't get Californians' hosing off their driveways after a flood/mudslide.

Love seeing the pics of your life in The Middle. Would much rather have you here back home though!!!!

CONNIE W said...

It surely does look C-O-L-D there. I should say cold-er, it's cold here but we don't have all that white stuff right now.

Patti said...

Wow! Talk about a change from our Pacific NW. Are you tired of snow yet? I can't imagine getting tired of snow, but after 4 years of college in Connecticut our daughter doesn't like it anymore - even though it didn't snow on the coast very often where she was.

Lynne in Hawaii said...

Ouch! That looks brrrrr! Cold here is when it is below 70 degrees!

The Garden Girl said...

Chickie, are your tail feathers frozen? BRRrrrrrr! So when is the big thaw . . . July???