Thursday, February 07, 2008

Deja Vu

This LOOKS like the same quilt I made before, but this is a new quilt. I just finished it to raffle off for the Dance Team. We're trying to raise a little money for the bus to Nationals in Minneapolis in a few weeks. Everyone is getting really excited about going. The coordinators of the competition have a ton of fun things lined up for the dancers. I'm looking forward to watching our girls compete AND I get to go to Ikea, which is a huge bonus. :) Hey, I'm shopping deprived here!

The weather here today is splendid. The sun is shining, it's 28 degrees and gorgeous. There is plenty of pretty white snow on the ground to cover the mud and dormant grass. They SAY it's supposed to get colder this week, we'll see. Maybe we'll get some more snow.

I hope you are all snuggly and warm, or staying cool wherever you are. :)


happy zombie said...

OH Cindy... the quilt is fantastic!!! That is so, so, so, so very generous of you... which is SOOOOO like you!

I hope the principal wins its and hangs it in the school!!!

girlstamping24 said...

Wow,Cindy that turned out Great! Which I could have gone to the game just to put some tickets in for that. You missed the wonderful raspberry trifle thingy..yummmmmm. Hope we can connect soon to cut out my quilt pieces so you can show me the magic of quilting..if mine will even look a 10th of what you do....I can only hope.

~Kim~ said...

Wow, I LOVE IT!!! Hope your quilt brings alot of $$! Which Im sure it will.


Come see me. I awarded you. :)

Kairle said...

What a great quilt, Cindy!!! The red and white blocks are so striking. Love the ships!