Sunday, January 13, 2008


Well, as several of you know, the Green Bay Packers won last night and are one game closer to the Super Bowl in 10 years. I don't REALLY care about football, but when you live in Wisconsin, you better LOVE the Packers. The played the Seattle Seahawks, and of course, being from WA, I figured I'd better cheer for both teams. :) The final score was Packers 42, Seahawks 20. If you watched the game, you saw the snow they got in GB. Yes, we got the snow too. I cleared the driveway last night around 10:00. There was already about 2 inches. This morning it warmed up and the other 4 inches we got was wet and HEAVY! We broke out the snow blower.

The other winners and more important winners are the Sturgeon Bay Dance Team!! Oh yeah! They competed yesterday in Appleton and won 1st in Pom, 1st in Funk and got the Grand Champion trophy for scoring the highest in the whole competition!!! They got 3 very big, pretty, glittery trophies!! :) Here is a picture of the team with their trophies.

Here is one of some of the chicks - Anisa is in the middle. :) We're quite proud of the chicks.


Yolanda said...

I am not a huge football fan but I was happy for the Packers. I enjoy you blog and will back often.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the Packers and the Sturgeon Bay Dance Team!

I work for the Jacksonville Jaguars and we were beaten by the Patriots. :( Neeldess to say, we will be rooting for the Packers!!