Sunday, January 20, 2008

Even Colder

This morning when we woke up our little temperature thingy said it was -4. The lowest it got last night was -6. The weather channel says with wind chill it's -23. So basically, we won't be sitting out here enjoying the sunshine. We'll stay in the house, thank you very much.

And this is what cold windows do. Yep, that's a nice little layer of ice on the bathroom window upstairs. The house isn't very airtight, so this isn't too surprising, but the glass is very cold and since there is a lot of humidity in there this is what happens. It is a gorgeous day outside, tho. The sky is a gorgeous blue and it's BRIGHT! The weatherman has predicted snow, but when it's this cold even the snowflakes don't want to fall! It's supposed to warm up this week to the teens. We'll see! :)

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happy zombie said...

WOW! No wait, let me rephrase that...