Friday, January 18, 2008


It's cold out today. When we woke up this morning it was 6 degrees. It's warmed right up, tho. It's 15 now! :) The sun is out so it is beautiful outside. The snow is all glittery and sparkly. It's very bright out too. Here is our front yard with all our accumulated snow. The big piles in front are from the plow and the driveway. Unfortunately, yesterday was in the mid 30s so the roads were wet. Today they are covered with ice. The salt trucks have done a good job covering the roads with salt, but it's all over the car now. Darn!

Tomorrow our high is supposed to be 6 and our low is forecasted to be -1. Good thing we have lots of quilts in the house! Kickoff temp in Green Bay on Sunday is supposed to be 1 with wind chills around-15. Yeah, the Frozen Tundra, baby!


Kairle said...

That's how our neighborhood looked last week. Still lots of snow...too cold for all of it to melt.

~D~ said...

I don't miss those cold temps. We are having a lovely drizzle that is supposed to last the rest of the weekend. Oh well, at least the snow is melting a bit. I'm already starting to get cabin fever!

happy zombie said...

I can't even imagine cold like that. Oh wait, I can. Once I was in Chicago in it was -something. And for this native Cali girl... it might well have been -50! How people function in that kind of weather boggles my mind. Stay warm, k!

PS... it's 37 here right now. I guess that's the Bahamas' to you guys! Cyber sending warmth to you guys. xoxoxo - m