Tuesday, August 07, 2007


We have some visitors this week. My friend is out of town for her son's graduation from CG boot camp, so we are birdie sitting. This is Travis with Francis and Key Lime. We seriously need to get Travis a pet. :) It's fun to have the birds here for a little while. They are chirping away and it's a sweet sound.

And a random shot of a VERY COOL Corvette.....for my dad! :) We went to lunch one day in Green Bay and spotted this beauty in the parking lot. I just so happened to have my camera and we took some pictures of it. My dad's first car was a '62 Corvette, so I took the pictures for him.....Love ya Dad! :)


Kairle said...

How fun!!! My youngest DD got to bird sit last month. She thought it was a blast.

~Kim~ said...

Have a new bird yet!?!

Love the ride.. what did your dad say!?!


ben said...

hey chicken lady, it's ben from robot comix. mocca was great tom hart was an awesome table buddy. i'm still working on a robot package to send you. sorry it's taking so long. but no worries, you get it :)


linda said...

We took care of a friend's bunny a few months ago and it was really nice to have a calm, sweet, pet in the house. We had parakeets growing up and I miss their little gurgling sounds. :o)

DAD said...

Hi Guys,
When did you move to Wisconson???
By the way that is a picture of a 1961 Corvette. Still a cool ride,just not as cool as a 1962, which as you know is the last year they made CORVETTE'S..
Love Dad

happy zombie said...

Great. Now I have that Prince song stuck in my head. But I do love that red and white paint job!

Travis looks like the bird whisperer!!!