Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mall of America and IKEA

Sara has been wanting to go back to the Mall of America since we visited on the way to Sturgeon Bay. It's a nice mall, has some stores you can't find at too many other malls, but it's still A MALL. Busy shoppers, crowds, blah blah blah. But since I'm the best mom in the whole world (ha ha ha) I took Sara and Emily on the 5.5 hour drive for some school shopping, rides and just fun.
This is Denim Heaven. Well, at least that's what the signs said! :)

This is one of the rollercoasters there. Check out their hair!! hee hee

The Lego guy at LegoLand. I think he's trying to be gangster.

We couldn't be anywhere NEAR a Chevy's and not go, so we met up with our friend Jim and had some Fresh Mex! :) Delicious!!!

And speaking of eating, we made a trip to IKEA and had Swedish Meatballs for lunch before we shopped. We needed all the energy we could get to shop there! :) Unfortunately, we didn't find as much to buy as I had hoped. I guess we need to make another trip. This time with Travis so he can help me BUY, BUY, BUY!!! :)

Between here and there, there are a few areas of Amish people. These signs make me smile. I think they're so cute. We didn't see any Amish buggies on this trip. Darn!

We had rainy weather and HUMIDITY, but we had a good time. It sure is nice to be home again, tho!


Laurie Ann said...

Sounds like a fun couple of weeks! Makes me want to go shopping. Oh, and eating! :)

sara, the house of charm said...

Mmmm Chevy's, my cousin used to work there, and on a bad day I'd drive over with my mom and we'd have margaritta's the size of our heads. Too bad about the Amish, I've always wnated to buy an amish quilt.

Wende said...

Heh... I've always wanted to go to that mall. :D

And the rash of IKEA blog posts these days, stunning. (You have to bribe me to go to that store, it's too big!!)

Looks like you had fun... nice way to wrap up the Summer.

happy zombie said...

I have this urge to deface those buggy signs. You know like the red dot stickers people put on the deer signs. I'd like to add some jet power fuel packs to the back of the buggy - and maybe even pimp the buggy with some sequins and a little sign "WIFI buggy here"!