Monday, June 11, 2007

Relient K ROCKS!

We went to Bayfest down in Green Bay on Friday to see Relient K. First we stopped in Titletown for lunch and a good, cold Beer. Titletown happens to be our favorite pub in Green Bay, and the owner, Brent, is a super cool guy. We met him on a trip to the pub a while ago, and struck up a conversation about being from Portland, OR, we wanted to see some brewfests, blah blah blah. Anyway, he came over to chat for a minute and we mentioned that we were going to Bayfest and he gave us free tickets!~ KEWL!

After lunch, we went to Appleton to shop for a while, then came back up to go to the concert. Anisa and gang were already there, glued to the front of the stage in their special t-shirts they had made at Olivia's the night before. Sara had 2 friends with her. Sara's gang and I got a spot in the audience and watched the show. It was very fun and good music.

After the concert, we waited to see the band and one of the stagehands came out and announced that the band had left. A lot of the fans left, but luckily, Anisa's friend Olivia has some stalker blood in her! :) We saw the big girl group walking around in back by the trailers for the staff. We joined them and walked around for a few, then saw the band come out of a tent. We got shooed out by some guy, and the girls were complaining and a couple of the guys came out to talk to the fans. They signed t-shirts and took lots of pictures. Jon and John are super cool guys and very sweet.
I think everyone had an excellent time. :)


Michelle said...

Touched by fame. How cool is that!

Happy Zombie said...

I'm feeling really old at the moment because I've never heard of this band. Am I really that old slash unhip slash out of touch?!?! Don't answer!

How cool the girls got to meet their stars!

smlaws said...

Major Luck!

Wende said...

Looks like they had fun. How cute are your girls! :D