Monday, June 18, 2007

Storms! Gotta love 'em

Wow, that's pretty much all I can say. Well, of course, I am a talker, I can say a whole bunch more, but "WOW" pretty much sums it up. We had a storm blow in yesterday. I love the storms here, but this one was a little bigger and messier than what we're used to.

It started out a sunny, hot, humid day. Then, it started raining. We were thrilled because our poor grass is so dry, it needed the rain. A little hail started coming down and we were watching the little ice balls hit the ground and bounce. But, the LITTLE ice balls quickly turned to BIG ICE CHUNKS! I have never seen ice like that being hurled from the sky. Ok, I know they weren't the biggest, just the biggest I've ever seen.
The wind was blowing so hard, the ice and rain was beating at the windows. In fact, some of the ice chunks hit our little A/C unit, they dented some of the grill thingies inside. There are leaves and mud EVERYWHERE. I was just hoping that my birds and squirrels and bunnies were all ok and cuddled up in their burrows and nests! :)
The kids were worried about the trailer being out in the ice chunks. But Traily is fine. No broken windows and the roof looks good.
Here is our mailbox. You can see the high water. You couldn't even see the ground. The street was just like a river.
Here is a shot out the front window at the rain and ice coming down. See Traily? :) If you look closely, you can see there is a little wave out in front of the trailer. Water was coming from every angle. You can also see the little river coming down past the railing in the left bottom corner. Yea, that was basically the dirt from under the bushes out our front windows being washed into our driveway, which is where it all is today.

After the storm, Anisa and I HAD TO go outside and play in the water. Here is what was left right after the storm. Lots of water! and mud and sticks and pinecones. Today we'll walk down the street to see what landed at the end. The poor people at the end probably have a mess of junk in the street and gutters.

And here is the sky after the storm. It blew out almost as quickly as it blew in. It stayed cooler for the rest of the evening, but more humid. They're calling for thunder storms today thru Wed. I just hope they aren't bad on Wed, since the chicks and I are flying out that morning. But that's another post! :)


Wende said...

Oh, good grief! That puddle seems made for jumping! I hope it was warm rain. :D

Haley said...

And of course you HAD to go throw hail at your dear neighbors windows! Hehehe. I still can't get over how much hail and rain we got in such a short period of time! But now our lawns are starting to look nice and green again! Whoo-hoo!

Patti said...

I can't imagine ice like that falling in June! Way better than tornados however. I'm glad we don't have those sorts of severe storms out here!

Michelle said...

I miss those kind of storms. They are something else!