Monday, April 30, 2007

Prom 2007

Well, we did it. Survived Prom!~ Anisa got the dress, the 4.5" red heels, the little red purse and of course, the jewels. :)

Here she is getting her hair done by Amy, her friend's sis who is going to cosmetology school. She was busy doing a few of the girls' hair. Curling, straightening, pinning, spraying..... I think Anisa had about 500 bazillion pins in her hair! And I don't know how many pounds of hairspray!

Anyway, she went to Prom with her friend, Kevin. A really nice guy. This is his last prom, since he's a senior this year. They went out to dinner at one of the local pubs that's actually more like a restraunt, than a "pub". Then went to the prom until midnight. They came home to change, then back out to the Post Prom Party at the local bowling alley. She said they had a blast, but her arm was sore the next day from the bowling.
After bowling, she spent the night with the chicks at another friend's house. A fun time was had by everyone.


autum said...

She looks beautiful!! Prom is such a fun and exciting time.

wende said...

Oh, she's really lovely! Adore her dress. And how the young get
around in heels that high, I do not know. Only, that I've become old enough to say things like that! :D

happy Zombie said...

Travis let her out of the house? Looking so radiant and beautiful? With a boy?

I'm guessing there was one of those springy armbands some parents use on toddlers hidden under her floral wrist-thingie, and Travis was only a few feet behind her at all times.

Your baby's growing up and what I stunning and beautiful young woman she is (inside and out).

PS... I love that you changed your comment form to allow non-blogger people to post! {smack}

Anne Heidi said...

Your daughter is just beautiful! and the dress is really pretty!

lindiepindie said...

4.5" heels? Ah what we could put up with when we were young! The dress is beautiful and so is your daughter!

the wine makers wife said...

What a handsome couple they made! this brings me back to my prom days, I went with my husband to both our proms when we were in highschool. You have a gorgeous daughter, thank you for sharing this!!

Michelle said...

Wow, is she beautiful! It's so nice to know that these things can be survived. I'm so glad they had a great time.