Thursday, April 26, 2007

I've finally gotten some more quilts done.
I have had the WSU Cougar fabric since, um, forever ago. Sara thinks that where she'd like to go to college, so we're going with that. :) I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I wish I had had more fabric, but I was limited to what I had bought. I did a split 9-patch and I like it. :) I also quilted the WSU Cougar in the center of the quilt. Sara is very happy with it and slept with it last night.

This purple quilt is a long over-due birthday present for my sweet niece Kelsey. I made a pink one for my niece Justine a couple of years ago, and had always planned on making one for Kels too, but didn't get to it (so many other fabrics and projects kept me from it...bad projects!) Anyway, I just dug out all my purples and bought a few more and Voila! Here is what happened. I hope it goes with her room! :)


Happy Zombie said...

SEW cool Cindy! I love how the WSU quilt looks different close-up and far away.

Beautiful quilts chicky poo! AS ALWAYS! :o)

Patti said...

Oh boy - I'm glad none of my kids read any blogs but mine! Both my son and my son-in-law would be clamoring for a WSU quilt like that! Boy, little did we two Huskies realize our kids would "go to the dark side" AKA Pullman.

Michelle said...

Those are so great! Do you quilt them yourself?