Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Nice things today

Ok, I'm sitting here on this wonderful overcast day, sipping my hazelnut flavored coffee full of hazelnut flavored creamer. The birds are singing - I can hear the chickadees, orioles, and doves. Sometimes I hear the squirrels running around the tree. The breeze is just enough to keep the humidity down - I LOVE that! My kids are sleeping, the dishes and laundry are done. Sara has a friend over and Anisa gets to play with horses today. Life is Great! :)

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smlaws said...

Well, I finally managed to swing by your site for an update on the family Von Nolen. The site looks great. The new house looks like the kind of place that'll feel like home almost right away. Nice curb appeal. It looks like your trip across country was both eventful and fun. It's nice to see you guys are doing so well. The girls have grown so much it's hard to believe what a difference only four years can make. Stay well,