Saturday, August 19, 2006

The House

Ok, I'm feeling very productive today, and since I don't feel like unpacking or cleaning, I thought I'd get some pictures of the house. It's a nice day and SOME of the rooms are clean, well, not horrible, anyway. This is the front of the house. See Baby and Traily??!! The window on the lower level to the left is the living room. The upper windows..on the left is the guest/sewing room and on the right is our bedroom.

Here's the back of the house. The little window on the side is the bathroom. The windows on the back...on the left is Anisa's room and on the right (with the A/C unit) is Sara's room. Below that level is the garage level. WAY over yonder (the lower part of the house) is the sliding door in the dining room and little window in the kitchen. You can't see it, but there's a door to go into the house from the backyard.

Here's the backyard. We have 4 trees back there. 2 Christmas trees, some other sort of evergreen and some other kind of tree. Hey, what am I, a tree expert?? They are big, green with branches and leaves and the squirrels and birds like them. We like them too because they give us lots of shade in the backyard. They're kind of a pain to mow around, tho. Our grass right now is basically weeds, but when you mow them, they look nice and green, and grass-like. We'll get around to weed 'n' feeding and getting a nice green GRASS next summer.

Here's the living room looking in from the front entryway - looking east. We got new wood (fake wood, but still nice) floors and new carpet. Plus, Casey, the housing guy, painted and got the place all fixed up for us. We're still getting it just the way we like it, but that's just us being picky.

Here's the living room, from the opposite side (computer side) looking west. I know, I know, there are still boxes. The boxes are never-ending it seems, but I have a BIG stack of them in the basement waiting for our friends who are moving to take them. It's amazing how things on the wall makes it a little more "home-y".

Here's the dining room from the computer area in the living room. Yep, more boxes and junk in the corner, but I'm slowly finding spots for all the useless junk that we just can't get rid of. Thank goodness we have a basement. I can stash all sorts of stuff down there. I also thank my lucky stars for Rubbermaid! :)

And here's the kitchen. It's WAY smaller than my old kitchen, but again, I am thankful for a basement. Lots of things that used to go in my kitchen and pantry are now on shelves in the basement. If you look to the right of the cabinets you can see the hallway down to the garage/basement. The basement is directly under the living room and kitchen.

Here's the guest/sewing room. Notice, it's already being used to be crafty. The girls are getting stuff ready for school. Well, Sara's making a pouch for school, Anisa is making a purse. They both have five hundred million bags, pouches and purses, but ya know, you can always use five hundred million and one! All my chickens are in that room, and there's room for more. When we have visitors, we'll put away the mess. I already have to store lots of fabric down, well, you the basement!

And here's Anisa's room. It's the only BEDroom that has gotten pretty set up. Of course, the master bedroom will be the last one done. Sara's room is in the process of being totally redecorated. In Vancouver she had pink and groovy stuff. She's going tropical. We have some decorations, but we have to put them up.

And that's the house so far. Now, if you want to see it in person, just give us a call. We'll make the futon up for you!


Happy Zombie said...

And the photos of the fabric stash is where???? That looks like a nice house and nice neighborhood! It's looks so nice and non-military!

Miss Marsha said...

Wait until you hit winter chickie. I hope you get the thermal undies while they are in the stores.

House looks much bigger than what we had in the Soo, but we only had a 2 bedroom.

At least you got a basement. Sure miss those!! Marsha

~Kim~ said...

First I would like to welcome you to Wisconsin.. I came across your blog cause someone had come from your blog to mine.

I live in northern Wisconsin.. two hours north of Green Bay yet! You will find it beautiful, with lots and lots to do!

Loved looking thru your blog. Really enjoyed looking at your pics of your cross country trip! Hope to read more about you!


bulldoglova said...

Hey Chicken!!

The house is looking great, it looks like you are making it your own, and I'm sure in no time it's going to feel "like home".
I loved looking at the pictures of your trip, but I have one request, I want to see more pictures of YOU in them!!
Tell the girls to have a great first day of school, I am sure they are going to make lots of great new friends.
I'm looking forward to seeing lots of pictures of Wisconsin!!
P.S. This doesn't mean your a "Packer Backer" now does it?!