Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Chicken Coop

Wow, I did it! I set up a blog. The Chicken Coop, since I LOVE chickens. I'll be puttin' pics and silly stories about the family and our adventures in Wisconsin on here for your enjoyment. Have fun!


Happy Zombie said...

Hoo hoo! Killer blog Chicken Lady! I miss you oodles! More comments later... I'm doing bills right now. CB and Catsup County waits for your return!!!

Mugs & Dishes,

Lori said...

Hey Cindy,
Wow!!! YOu guys were busy....looks like a great trip!!! I've been to almost all the spots you guys went to, except the Mall and the waterslide'm sooooooo glad you guys made it there safe, and your house is beautiful too!!! I miss all the little creatures of the midwest especially the cardinals, they are my favorite birds...
Since Steve doesn't do long haul anymore, I have been real sad not traveling....:>(
I know what you mean about boxes, I still have boxes and we've been here for a month...not sure where I'm going to put everything because our garage was turned into a romper room...just might have to chuck stuff...we humans collect way to much
The kids started school last Thursday and Kristina loves her new has big oak trees so there's a lot more shade unlike her old new school that had baby trees and no real shade...She's in the fourth grade and likes it so far, Devon is an eighth grader and thinks he's mister joe's funny...
Well I might be getting hired on at Sears portrait studio, I go for my second interview tomorrow, so keep your fingres crossed, going need it for Christmas, which is almost here already...phew where does the time go???
Well I guess that's it for now, take care and good luck with everything out there...
Luv ya cuz,