Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Charleston and Savannah trip

OMG. Ok, we just got home from our southern trip. Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA. The main goal of the trip was to see Paula Deen, my BFF. And she proved that she's my BFF...she patted me on the butt! :) highlight of the whole weekend, y'all!

Charleston and Savannah are beautiful. And the bonus was GOOD DRIVERS. :) We're surrounded by the most horrible drivers in the world here in VA. That's because all the bad drivers in the world move to the DC area. Down south, people were polite, they used their signals, they let you in if you needed to merge and had your signal on. We only got honked at once by someone who was visiting. It was so nice. AND, the people there were nice. People held the door for you. They said please, thank you and excuse me. Oh, Gosh....it was great.

We stopped into a prom dress store and Sara may have found her prom dress. You'll have to wait for pics, but the one she found is beautiful and so flattering.

I used to say I didn't like the spanish moss hanging from the trees, but this trip made me realize I really DO like it. It's just part of the beauty of the south.

The houses....ok, they were AWESOME! Mostly old and so cool. AND, Savannah is the most haunted city in America! Cool, huh? :) We didn't see any ghosts, or the movement of ghosts, but we saw lots of very nice things. The weather was perfect. It was supposed to be rainy all weekend, but we only got a few drips and then sun! The top pic is of Rainbow Row in Charleston. The lower pic is one of the MANY cute houses in the historic district of Savannah.

Saturday we took a trolley tour of the city and saw all the sites. Then Sunday, Travis dropped me off at the Lady and Sons restaurant to get in line for a wristband to get Paula, Jamie, Bobby and Aunt Peggy. What beautiful people. OMG...They were all so sweet, friendly and made us all feel like we were friends. They are just so dang nice! I can't even tell you how awesome it was to meet them. Anisa and I are going in May to the next book signing, and I'm SO.EXCITED!! This is Paula with the little girl who was standing with her Gramma and me in the line. They were all so great. Paula gave out lots and lots of hugs and compliments.

Travis did his daddy duty and took Sara to another prom dress store (same name, different location). What a guy! She found one that she liked, but I think the one she found in Charleston is still her favorite.

Today, we got up early and headed home....8 hours later, we got home safe and sound to see our Anisa. I missed my kid. Sometimes it's fun to just have one kid, but I love my girls so much. It'll be nice to sleep in my own bed tonight...which will be very soon since I got home, had dinner and a delicious beer. ;) Hope you are having a great evening wherever you are. :)

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Carolina said...

So glad you had a good time. Go on St. Patrick's Day, they have a HUGE celebration. Savannah and Charleston are two of my favorite cities. If it weren't so HUMID in the summer, we'd move down there!