Thursday, February 16, 2012

Beeyooteeful creations

I am kind of amazed sometimes when I watch Anisa cook. She doesn't do it all that often at home, mainly because we don't eat a ton of sweets and she cooks at work, so doesn't often feel like creating in our little, underpowered kitchen. But, every once in a while, she creates and I love to see how it turns out. These are the little beauties she made for our Bunco night. They are delicious. Little pink macarons filled with a creamy filling and decorated with raspberries topped with a real rose petal and a sugar dew drop. The great thing about them is they aren't super sweet. I can actually enjoy them. :) Someday she'll own her little bakery and make custom macarons...who wants one?? :) :)


Marie said...

I will be in the line up for her backery-- theylook yummy!! Haven't been postingmuch on her but have been reading. I see your gonna be on the move again. I am so hapy that we did get to meet in person and I love your blog I know we will keep intouch my sweet friend! God Bless you and your precious family. Hugs, Marie

Carolina said...

Me! I want one!