Friday, March 25, 2011


Well, she's on her second round of braces. Poor kid. She had spacers put in last week. She could barely eat, which is bad since she's skinny enough! She had the brackets and expander put in yesterday and next week will be all wired up. Buy stock in Advil and Tylenol...there's an insider tip. :) If she lets us, we'll take pics and I'll post later, but for now, she's just trying to learn to talk with all that metal in her mouth.


Marie said...

Bless her heart-- next week she will be like new . Has she finishsed school yet? Miss you. Hugs, Marie

harmijo said...

Poor thing :( I hope she is feeling better now. Solana will be going through all of this sometime this month, or next probably. Although she still has a few baby teeth, so they wont brace those. But she is getting all of the rest, and they expect it to be a three year treatment plan. I will need all of your tips for things to buy to help her. You will have to talk me through this! Well, not have to, lol, but I would be forever greatful ;)