Monday, November 15, 2010


Anisa and 5 of her friends decided at the last minute to catch the train to Venice Friday night. They rushed down the hill and caught the train at 11:15 p.m. They TRIED to sleep before they had to change trains in Bologna, then a little more train travel arriving in Venice at 5 a.m. She said it's the best place she's been so far in Italy. It was beautiful. She bought a gift for her sis (you will all have to wait to see what it is until after Dec. 19). :) They walked around looking at shops, having pigeons land on them and of course, they took a gondola ride. I only got to talk to her for a little bit this weekend because she got back late on Sat and was exhausted (they decided to come back home that night the crazies!). Yesterday she had to do homework and of course, she slept in until about 3 in the afternoon. I don't know if I'll get to talk to her today or the rest of the week. The whole group is going to Barcelona for 5 days. I don't have pics, yet, because her internet just can't handle too many pics at once, so as soon as she can get some pics downloaded, I'll post. I'm looking forward to hearing all about her Spain trip next week! :)

Meanwhile, here at home, not much happening. It's getting colder. The mornings are in the 30s and days are in the 50s and 60s. I love it. I HAVE worn my jeans a couple of times, but I'm still sporting shorts til I can't handle it anymore. Sara is working on a solo that she will compete with in a few weeks. Music has been an issue. WHY DO ALL THE RAP SONGS HAVE CUSS WORDS IN THEM? Geepers! Anyway, she found a song that I approve of and continues to dance around the house instead of walking. :) Travis and I have gone on a few runs, getting back to our normal mileage, but he announced that we would not make his goal of 600 miles this year. Summer just killed us. Oh well. Maybe next year, since I plan to do the MCMarathon for sure next year...even if I have to walk some of it....I'm doing it! :)

Well, speaking of Sara, I must run. She has an eye dr. appt today, then Travis needs to make a Home Depot run, then I still have to figure out what I'm doing for dinner...probably brats (not Sara and Anisa, the MEAT kind! ) ;). I hope you all are having a super day!

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