Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Some photo enjoyment

I just got done playing on Facebook and downloaded some pics from some of Anisa's teammates and a couple of Anisa's pics that she finally got up from Venice. The picture of the town on the hill is Civita. It's a little town similar to Orvieto since it's built on a volcanic plateau. The little town is in danger of crumbling down because of natural erosion. I read that they are talking about reinforcing the cliffs. That would be good. :)

The picture of the 3 adorable girls is in Dublin at the Guiness Storehouse. Those are Anisa's roommates. Talar and Sonya. Talar is from CA and Sonya is from WA. Luckily, they all like each other! :) The one of just Anisa is pretty much self-explanatory. :) Isn't she just so adorable??

The pigeon pic...that's in Venice. So is the one with Gabe on the gondola. :) Their time there was such a blur to them since they were all exhausted, but she said it was a blast. And the gondola ride was a highlight and something that we had talked about for a long time. I hope she didn't get pooped on by the pigeon, tho.

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