Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Speaking of Kids....

Well, I was talking to my Grandma today and she asked about Sara and her driving permit. I had totally forgotten to tell everyone. SARA GOT HER PERMIT....RUN FOR THE HILLS WHILE YOU CAN!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I'm just kidding about the running for the hills part. She took the test once a while back and missed it by a question or two. The next time she went to take it, she studied really hard and passed with flying colors. So, she is now a driver. It's scary to be teaching another kid to drive. I'm not sure Baby's little carburetor can handle this! heehee Nah, Baby is fine. She's happy to be the one to see the kids learn. As long as Sara doesn't drive her into a ditch or a guard rail, we'll all be fine.

So, I've let Sara drive home from school a couple of times, she's driven in the neighborhood lots and even practiced in an empty parking lot. She's pretty good, but still has to work on her confidence and staying toward the middle of the road instead of the middle of the lane (I don't know if it's just around here, but there are lots of roads we drive on with no shoulders. If you go over the little right line, you're in the ditch). She has to have her permit for a year and 3 months, I think. She took Driver's Ed at school and will have to take behind the wheel before her year is up. But for now, it's just Sara and Mommy (and sometimes her friend, Hannah or Anisa) cruising the open roads of Springfield with me telling her to brake, steer to the middle, use your signal, watch out for that parked car......... Pray for us! :) hee hee

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Haley said...

Way to go Sara! So Cindy... do you think you'll want to teach Sam in 2 years? I am SO not ready for that!