Sunday, November 22, 2009


The WSHS Dance team left the Paul VI competition with a 1st place trophy and an overall winner of choreography. To us parents and the spectators, this was a huge DUH. The team TOTALLY owned it! They performed their hearts out and it showed. I got all tingly and shaky when they were was THAT good. Of course, I am biased since my baby is on the team. I felt the same way when I'd watch my girls dance in SB. :) This is a different kind of team, tho. Their coaches are dancers, choreographers and strict leaders. They don't allow drama, they expect only the best from their dancers, and there are rewards for good work and consequences for not doing what is expected. So far, I've seen that they are fair and even tho I don't necessarily like some of the consequences, they are consistent. I love that. :) Anyway, here are some highlights.

Here is a little zombie tower. Sara, Nicole and Nikky after they've been all made up and hair done.

This is some of the hair teasing process. I heard they went through 3 cans of hairspray.

This is the whole scary bunch with their first place trophy and their plaque for best choreography. Plaques were also given for Audience appeal and best costumes. They could have won those, too, but they couldn't hog all the awards. :)


Anne Heidi said...

Wow, congratulations to the girls! They look awesome!

Marie said...

So excited for the team, I am sure Sara is still flying high. As you have heard our trip has been canceled due to a fall I had. Hopefully before to much longer we can get up, Hugs, Marie

harmijo said...

CONGRATULATIONS! It sounds like a great performance and it's wonderful that they got first place!

God bless,