Thursday, September 25, 2008


Honestly, this really isn't a part of life I would like to be in. I wish my kids were still babies. They smelled so sweet, they slept a lot, they didn't talk back....ahh, those were the days.

I just sent off for information on COLLEGES! For those of you who have known my family for a while, you've watched both of the girls grow up into beautiful young ladies. Sara is just now starting high school. Anisa is graduating from high school in a little over 8 months. GAHH!!!

So, our search has started for colleges. She'd like to pursue a Culinary Arts degree. That's kind of limiting to which schools she can go to. Add to that fact, we're moving to the wrong Washington, and that presents a whole new set of problems. Should she live with us and go to school out east? Do we send her back to the Right Washington which is practically the other side of the world from where her mommy will be??!! I wish I didn't have to deal with them growing up and sending them out into the big, bad world. I just can't believe my baby girl is going to be 18 and in college. For those of you who know me and my control issues, you know how difficult it will be for me to let my little girl go. I need prayers!! :)

Ok, I just needed to share my issues with all of you....I feel better now. :)

**Pictures taken by my dear friend, Mary Jo. :)


Happy Zombie said...

Hard to let your babies leave. But on the bright side, at least A is still going to be in the same country as you. And if she comes to Seattle, I'd be happy to play surrogate and have her come with her laundry.

Hold on to Sara. Had to lay down the law with D... told him that he's never leaving, and to not even think about moving to another country.

Happy Zombie said...

PS.... those photos of Anisa are wonderful!!!! Fearing I may sound like a 4th grader, but I'll say it any way...

AWESOME photos!

MichelleB said...

I wish my kids were still babies, too! Good luck with the college process (I'd love some tips - I'm going to be in your situation next year!).

Anisa is beautiful!

Viv said...

Have her attend school in the middle of the country. Then it's a happy medium no matter which Washington you are in. :)

Gorgeous pix of 'Nisa. (What's with the graffiti backdrop though?)

harmijo said...

What great pictures! Cindy I can't believe how much she looks like you did at her age! WOW!

I know what you mean about not wanting them to leave the nest too. Mine is only 8 and already I keep asking her, "Can't you stop growing up now so you can be little forever?" She tells me, "Nope, sorry Mom, I have to grow up, but I will always be your baby OK?" :) So no matter where she goes or what she does Anisa will always be your baby girl too :)

Marie said...

Oh Cindy, I have been there and back and do understand. My prayers are with you as you all
work through the wheres and hows. When will you be in Wash. D.C.? Your daughter is beautiful and I do believe she looks like her mama! Blessings and hugs, Marie

Thimbleanna said...

As a fellow blogger once told me...Breathe in, Breathe out, it will be ok LOL. I hated that college picking process -- well, it was fun, but nerve wracking. Good Luck!