Monday, July 14, 2008

Our Trip

I don't have a bunch to say or time to say it, but I wanted to get some pictures of our trip on here for you all to enjoy. :) So, without further ado, here ya go.......

The girls at PDX on the little escalatory thingamabob.

Evonne and me on the 4th of July watching all the pyromaniacs we call our children! :)

Some of the crazy people.

Timmy (Sara) and Mac (Macall) (their new names given by Keith) enjoying chicken stars from Carl's Jr. We have Hardee's out here, but they don't have chicken stars...what's up with that??!!

We hiked to the top of Multnomah Falls with the big girls. It's SO GORGEOUS there! :)

Here are the big chicks after we hiked to the top and walked back on the trail to some other falls.

Here I am with my two gorgeous girls in Seattle. We went to check out the Art Institute for the three big girls. Krista and Marion want to go into the Arts. Anisa wants to go into the Culinary Arts. They have really great programs there.

Here are Timmy and Mac at the First, Original Starbucks. Timmy is in Heaven. That crazy chick LOVES Caramel Frappaccinos.

Here are the chicks at the Space Needle. We didn't have time to go up to the top, but we had a couple of minutes to snap some pictures.

Of course, I will never go out west and not make a trip to MY beach. The weather was completely perfect. The wind picked up a little later during our trip, but I didn't mind. I was in Heaven.

I took this gang out to the Falls later in the week. After the falls, we headed over the Bridge of the Gods, then back on the Washington side of the river. We made a pit stop at the Bonneville Dam to see the fishies in the fish counter windows. See the little lamprey guy sucked onto the window?

This was our last view of Oregon. Mt. Hood is there in the front, then off in the distance is Mt. Jefferson then you can kind of see the Three Sisters way off in the far distance. I miss my volcanoes.

We had such a wonderful trip. We stayed with our very wonderful, generous friends Keith and Evonne (I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!). They totally put up with all of us messing up their house, eating their food, running around like crazy people. We ran like chickens with our heads cut off the whole week and didn't get much sleep. But that was ok. We loved being out west in our element. :) Not literally in our Honda Element, of course, she was stuck in WI. tee hee Now we're back in Wisconsin looking forward to our East Coast trip in a few weeks. That adventure will be here later! :)


MichelleB said...

It looks like you guys had a wonderful time. Everyone is so happy. And you, Cindy, there's not much left of you! All of those workouts did you good.

harmijo said...

What great pictures! I can tell just by looking at them that you all had a great time :) You look like one of the kids yourself Cindy, your in great shape!

God bless,

Happy Zombie said...

Loved seeing all the pics from your trip. It went way to fast while you were all here... but so much fun! Wish you didn't have to go back. :-(

Viv said...

Hey sexy mama! I can tell that you like YOUR gym. ha.