Tuesday, July 22, 2008

He got a little Confused

Well, Travis got his orders this morning. We're heading EAST to Washington, D.C.

Yeah, wrong way, I know. We wanted to go WEST to WASHINGTON STATE. Oh well. We're looking forward to the adventure of living around our nation's capital. We're heading out next week to take a vacation/neighborhood hunting trip. This trip was planned before. I told Travis while we were this far east, we should take advantage of seeing some of the east coast. Well, now we'll get to see it close-up starting next summer.

We're still doing the tourist thing this year since we don't know when Travis will get a big chunk of leave in his new job. We plan to hit Indianapolis, Columbus, OH (visit Great Aunt Mary) Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, Hershey, PA, Williamsburg, NYC, New Hampshire (visit Great Aunt Eleanor), and Niagara Falls, and whatever else in between. It'll be fun!! :)

Anyway, that's our latest news. Not what we were hoping for, but better than GUAM! :) hee hee


MichelleB said...

My DH goes to DC every other week! In fact, I'm joining him there in August. Maybe when you're there and settled in I can come out see you!

Marie said...

My son and his family live in Springfield, Va.as he works in D.C.
this is not far and a great community with wonderful schools. Maybe we will even get together and that would be so fun. Blessings

Happy Zombie said...

I'm going to sneak into The Puzzle Palace, smuggle in some White-Out... and remove the "DC" on all of Travis' paperwork.

Quilting Kim said...

Look at DC as an opportunity to enjoy the East Coast and it's only a couple of hours from Lancaster, PA -- Quilting Mecca. You're gonna love it!