Sunday, December 02, 2007

The calm after the storm

We rolled out of bed late this morning, but got dressed and went outside to clear the driveway. Here is Travis with the snowblower. We did ours, then I went to help my neighbors a little tiny bit and visit. It's funny, everyone comes out to do their driveways and then we all visit in the street. It's fun.

Here's the plow that always comes by AFTER we do the driveway to push up all the snow back into our drive. Darn guy! It has now turned warmer and started with a mix of snow and rain. I have to run to Target to print out Christmas pictures!! It will be nice to get those out early, hopefully. Now to go warm up my feeties. :)

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CONNIE W said...

The snow is so fitting with the Christmas season, for the photos, but shoveling is another story! Those plows always come afterwards, don't they.