Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Coupla Things

First of all, I have to mention that it is HUMID here today, and I'm not particularly happy about it. Now, it's only 69 degrees outside. Nice, you say. But there's 80% humidity! So, I sit and type and sweat....ewwww. Oh well.
On to the pleasant stuff! :) I told you I'd post pics of the fabrics I bought at Fabric Depot. Oh, I just love saying that....Fabric Depot, Fabric Depot, Fabric Depot....

These aquas and tans/browns are going to be the Happy Hour quilt. I've had my eyes on this pattern book for a while, and finally got it. It's an Atkinson's Design pattern and I love their patterns. They go together pretty easy and the patterns are easy to read. :)

The rest of the fabrics are just random fabrics that I liked or thought the chicks would like to play with. The guitars and fried eggs are for the girls to do whatever they want with...shorts, bags, pillows, whatever. The asian prints will probably be some type of quilty thing for Anisa's room. Fun, fun, fun!

Sara played her violin at church this past Sunday. There was a pretty big group. Jana N also played violin. The two chicks did really well together. Sara was a little nervous at first, but after she practiced with the group, she felt ok about it. I think she'll play again when the group is there. Sometimes we have Randall and Olivia playing guitar and leading worship, but sometimes Jana H comes up from Green Bay to lead. It's all good. :)

And last, but not least, here is the quilt that I made for Miss Aubrey, some friends' new baby Chick. It's a version of a Split Nine Patch. I found out while I was in Astoria, that there are different versions of it....Thanks M!! :) But this is one of my favorite blocks right now. Depending on which way you arrange your blocks it can look like stars (like this one) or like the WSU Cougar quilt I made for Sara. And it goes together pretty fast...which I REALLY like. :)
And that about wraps up my post today...Have a super fantastic day my peeps! :)


~Kim~ said...

WOW, LOVE those tan and aquas together.. cant wait to see the finished quilt!!

Way to go Sara!!! So glad you played with the group.. nothing like live music!

Love your Split Nine Patch quilt! I gotta make me a quilt one of these days - just seem to crave over another needle.. he he


Anne Ida said...

Love those tans and aquas! Can hardly wait to see your version of the quilt! And way to go on gathering goodies from the Fabric Depot (oh, wish we had something like that!!!).

Your split nine patch quilt looks great! Love the way the stars interlink!

And way to go Sara!

Kairle said...

What a blessing to have such a talented daughter.

I just love the split 9 patch quilt. The simplicity of the design is very striking!

Michelle said...

I have that same book! It was some mailbox love that I received.

How wonderful for Sara to play in front of a group. Good for her.

Love the baby quilt, you talented chick!

Patti said...

Looks like you took advantage of your time at Fabric Depot LOL! I love the fabrics you chose for the Atkinson quilt - perfect!