Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Snow Pictures

:) I wanted to get these pictures posted so everyone can see what I ordered! :) Yea, the snow is all about me.....hee hee The only worry I have is my precious Traily has to be out in subfreezing temps all winter. I hope he survives. I have the portable heater going inside so things can thaw a little. This morning when I took Travis to work it was 13 degrees outside. The Element has a great heater, tho, so we were fine inside AND it handles pretty good in the snow.

Today the sun is out, but I think they're predicting flurries on and off for the next few days. I need to get the salt off the Element. Travis keeps wishing we could have studded tires on our vehicles. Oh well.

Everyone says I'll get sick of shoveling snow by the end of winter. I guess they COULD be right, but I'm not sure. After I got done with our driveway, I went and did the neighbor's drive (they're snowbirds). I wanted to do my other couple of neighbors' driveways, but it got too dark.

This post wouldn't be complete without a picture of my fuzzy friends. They are so cute in the snow. They dig to bury their peanuts under the snow and they even fluff up the snow over their treasure. I love, love, love watching my little squirrels. :)


Axiológico said...

nice blog ... good photos...


jules said...

hey now i no you are a nut! the squirrels no that too that is why your yard is so populated, they are planning to take you out and bury you in the yard!
(i hope this doesnt post more that once,it was quite the ordeal to get it on here!)
love ya anyway

PamKittyMorning said...

ahh,I like squirrels too. Ours are basking in the sunlight and tormenting the dogs.

Happy Zombie said...

That is SO like you to shovel the neighbor's driveway! I know you, and I don't think you'll tire of shoveling.

Your photos are so beautiful and I loved seeing the pic of you.

Wende said...

Look at that snow... BRR.

As for the squirrel... they terrify me.