Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Just stuff I'm thinkin' of

Ok, most people who read this already know I'm crazy (in a good way), so you won't find this too surprising. I love all the wildlife in my backyard! Our "pet" squirrel, Dave, is so fat that he wobbles when he hops. There are a couple other squirrels who visit all the time...
*Shunhei (named after one of Anisa's Japanese friends). He's chubby, but we can tell it's him because he has one pointy ear and the base of his tail is smaller than the rest. He'll take peanuts right out of your hand.
*Frank has a notch out of one of his ears. He doesn't like to take the peanuts out of your hand, but he'll come up to the window and wait for you to throw some out.
*Eddie is SUPER FAT too. Him and Dave are more like little fuzzy walruses since they're so fat.
We also have about 5 blue jays that come to visit us. We just call them the Jays. They're harder to tell apart. :)

We had a tiny snow storm last week. Ok, ok, it wasn't a storm at all, but there were snowflakes coming down and it was COLD!! One day that I checked it was 28 degrees with a wind chill of 14. I don't care, tho. I'm not putting on jeans until I absolutely have to...until then, I'm wearing shorts! I'm a rebel. At least I put on a sweatshirt.

My grandparents have been here for a few days. We've been having a nice visit. We took them up north to the end of the road and through all the little towns on the peninsula. It was a nice drive and a nice day. We went in a few little shops here and there. We stopped at Newport State Park to look at the lake (Michigan). We took them to Cave Point Park which is very cool. The girls and I went out there this summer and the water was crystal blue....really pretty. The day we went it was windy so the water was muddy from all the waves. It was still very nice. On our way out there we saw a really big porcupine. He was about the size of a small dog. Very cool since I had never seen one alive in the wild. We also saw a deer, which is not that exciting, but I still like seeing them.

And that's what's been happening here in Wisconsin....YIPPEE! :)

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