Monday, October 30, 2006

Chicks in Coats

Speaking of Fall, the chicks needed new coats. I wish they would stop sure would be helpful! We shopped for 2 days! One day in Green Bay and another in Appleton. We were successful the 2nd day in Appleton. Here are the chicks modeling their new coats. Now if I can just get them to wear them on cold days. They still wear flip flops outside, but who am I to talk? I'm still wearing shorts!! :)


Happy Zombie said...

I love the new coats! I'm with you on the flip flops... I'm still wearing mine too! I did graduate from shorts to jeans last week... but still in my flip flops! You can take the girls out of California... but not the California out of the girls! Flip Flops Forever! At least until it snows.

Happy Zombie said...

PS... your shoe "pantry" looks like mine, especially with all the flip flops!

The Chicken Lady said...

I have put jeans on, but just at night. :) I do wear sockies with my Birks, tho! :)