Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Keeping my promise

Well, I'm going to try to keep up with my promise to keep you all updated on my SUPER DUPER exciting life.....

Ok, so now that you're back in your seat from falling out of your chair laughing, I will show you what I've been up to.

Every year the girls get new Christmas ornaments.  Sara's was easy this year.  A burger.  I found one at World Market and got it.  Anisa looked and looked, then decided she wanted something that nobody had - a jellyfish.  Oh, ok, thanks Anisa for giving me the impossible task of finding a jellyfish ornament days before Christmas.  Well, my search came up with nothing, so I figured I'd just make one.  I hit up Joann's for some sparkly chiffon type of fabric, a little bit of tulle and some ribbon.  Here's the result. She is thrilled with it (and so am I)> :)
 So, as you might be able to guess, Sara's into burgers.  Renee got her a Cheeseburger Pillow as a graduation gift. Sara loves her pillow, and named him Cheeseburgery.  We all give Cheeseburgery hugs and kisses and usually we talk to him more than we talk to Sara.  I wanted to make her a soft ornament.  Well, I didn't do it before I found her other ornament, but wanted to then just make Cheeseburgery a little friend.  Here is the Cheeseburger Trio.  The small, but tall one was my first attempt.  I wasn't sure how wide to make the patty and buns.  Well, that first try was not a good one, but it did allow me to figure out that I needed to cut my slices smaller. :)  We love Little Burgery and how he looks.

Another project I finished was a quilt for Travis for Christmas.  Yeah, I know.....like he needs another quilt.  Well, I never made one SPECIFICALLY for Travis.  He loves  Chickadees, he talks to them in their native language - Chickadese.  My husband is very talented.  Anyway, I was browsing the aisles at Heaven, I mean Fabric Depot, and saw the Chickadees and knew I had to make a quilt for Travis.
My sewing room is the computer room.  Not the ideal set-up, but until the kids move out or we move, this is the way it will be.  Travis usually has no interest in my projects, but for some reason, this was  harder to keep from him.  He saw the chickadees and had to ask what I was doing.  really?  REALLY TRAVIS? Go play with your ipod.  Anyway, I finished it and he loves it.  He's already used it a few times to snuggle with while watching TV.  I used the Attic Window pattern and I call it Chickadees In The Windows.  I even used some of the scrap triangles in the border!

There is another quilt on it's way to it's owner, and when that person gets it, I will post about it.

My next project is underway. It's another quilt, and another surprise, so it will have to wait to be posted JUST IN CASE anyone actually reads this.

So, now that you've had your daily dose of Cindy excitement, you can happily get on with your day.  Enjoy it and I hope everyone you come in contact with today is super nice! ;)  qxoqxo (quilty kisses and hugs)