Monday, January 28, 2013

Well, I guess I should start with Anisa.  She turned 22 on the 21st.  I really can't believe she's already 22.  Time sure has flown by.  We have so many awesome memories.  God sure has blessed us.

We had a surprise visit last night from Shelby...Anisa and Shelby have been friends since birth..well, Shelby's birth since she's 3 months younger. :)  Here are these gorgeous girls this weekend, and one from when they were close to a year old.

I started volunteering at Chinook Elementary school.  It's where the girls went to school, I was the lunch lady and a Special Ed One on One with some terrific little boys.  I always loved going into the school. The kids.  The staff.  It's just a really cool place.  I REALLY want to get a PAY job there, but for now, I can only volunteer.  That's ok with me, tho.  I've got a big job in the library already, and Friday I got to work with the Kindergarten reading groups. I was very warmly welcomed back by some of my old friends and it truly felt like I was back HOME.  I would appreciate prayers for a job to come open there for me.  It will be nice to have a job in place when Travis retires in less than 2 years (shocking).

So, in other news in my house, it's been cold here.  We have a woodstove in this house.  I didn't really think it was a big deal when I looked at the house.  Travis found out it was a really good one (after all his research) and was looking forward to using it this winter.  Well, he's a complete pyro now.  He builds the fire every night.  We got our second load of regular wood delivered last week.  He's been using a combination of just plain old cut wood and 2 different kinds of eco logs.  One of the brands is Idaho Energy Logs.  He's been super happy with the stove.

I've been sewing some bags.  A Coastie wife wants me to make her an Owl print purse.  We THINK we found the fabric, and now I'm trying out some patterns.  I bought a McCalls pattern that I thought was pretty cute, but after getting it out and reading the directions, I don't like it.  I also don't like how they have you sew the bag together, so I did it my way. :)  I made 2 of these Hawkeye bags for 2 friends' daughters who are going to University of Iowa.  I'm going to order an Amy Butler pattern that I found.  I really like how her directions are written and her patterns are fun.

We went to the Oregon Zoo for Anisa's Birthday!  We all slept in a little, then she opened her presents, then we all got ready to head out to the zoo to see Lily the baby Elephant.  She was cuter than we had imagined.  I literally could have sat and looked at her all day.  They have her and mommy in a room (I don't love the bars and the small space, but it's warm), and there is a long line to stand in for a quick picture and to admire her. Isn't she so precious??

So, I think that's about it for now.  It seems like the weather is changing a little bit and it might be on a warmer/wetter trend.  I don't mind.  I guess that means I really am a true PNW girl. :)  I hope you all are enjoying your day/week/month... :)  mwah!


Chasing Joy said...

The elephant is really cute :-)

That's awesome that the girls have maintained a 22 year friendship.

I have said a prayer regarding your finding a pay job, though you may have already found one since the time you wrote this in April.

Yetter Gunderson said...
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