Saturday, March 27, 2010

Run To Register 10K

Well, we ran and lived to tell the story. We actually both ran good times. Travis came in at 55:05 mins and I came in at 55:11 mins. That's about 8:54/8:55 minutes a mile. When we run normally, we usually run about 10 min/mile pace - but that includes all our stops to look at woodpeckers, squirrels, deer and froggies on the trail.

Just in case you don't know (I wouldn't unless I asked), a 10K is 6.2 miles. This one is part of the Marine Corps Marathon. If you run in this race, you're guaranteed a spot in the marathon on Oct. 31. We are still thinking about the full marathon (26.2 miles), but we're signed up for the Historic Half (13.1 miles) in Fredericksburg on May 16.

This morning was really cold. It was 34 degrees when we left the house at 6:45ish. We were both really cold walking to the porta-potty lines, then to the start line, but it felt good once we started running. It was actually perfect temp. There were about 1798 people racing, so a lot of warm bodies! :) hee hee According to the race result sheets, Travis came in 869th overall, and 106 in his division. I came in 881 overall, and 36th in my division. Of course, the girl divisions are easier. :) Here's the link to the RESULTS. We had a really good time and are looking forward to the HH in May. We have to decide whether or not we're gonna do the Marathon by April 5, so I'll let you all know soon! :) Here are a couple of pics.

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