Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Postcards anyone?

Hey gang,
One of the sweet daughters of the family who moved into our Sturgeon Bay house is asking for postcards from all over the world for a class project. If you can send a postcard to her, email me or comment me for her address, or if you have my old SB address, you can just send it there to Ashton Spritka. Thanks!! love you all! :)


happy zombie said...

Sounds fun! I'm game... and I still have your old addy too). Her name is cute... sounds like a band name from Sweden.

harmijo said...

I will :) E-mail me the addy again, sorry, when I get a new one, I delete the old one in the computer :P

Greenmare said...

tooooooooooooo funny, you lived in Sturgeon Bay? I live just south of Green Bay!