Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My little baby

Yesterday Sara turned 15 years old. Wow, I can't believe it. 15 years ago, my Grampa drove me to the Bess Kaiser Hospital in Portland (which is now Adidas headquarters), along with Grandma and Big sis Anisa. We met Travis at the hospital since he was at work, a couple of miles down the road from the hospital. As I was in labor, I got to watch float planes and boats on the Willamette River out of my room window. 4 hours after labor started, Sara made her grand debut into our world. Hey, Viv and Ranee, remember?? They were her very first visitors. Oh, by the way, she rode home in Baby, the van, that we had just bought when we found out we were having another baby. :)

15 isn't my favorite age. I have a theory. Kids lose their minds in about 6th grade and don't recover them until about graduation! :) Luckily, Sara is a pretty good girl. She makes us laugh and only argues a little bit (well, compared to some kids). She likes clothes, hair and make-up. She likes playing guitar (and plays her violin still, if forced to). She listens to music constantly and likes to talk on her phone. We love you Sara!!! :)


MichelleB said...

Happy Birthday Sara! Now, see, 15 has MUCH better to us than 12 or 13or even 14. Of course, that's for daughter 1. Daughter 2 might be a different story.

harmijo said...

Happy Birthday Sara! Hope you have a wonderful one!

God bless,

happy zombie said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday, Sara!

Vivienne said...

I remember!!!! I cannot BEE-lieve how grown-up she is and how the time flies.

I had Conner at Bess Kaiser while it was closing down. We didn't quite make it to the hospital off of the 26 we were supposed to go to. Loved seeing the boats and planes from my room.
Ah, Portland...