Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oops, I forgot to tell you..

I was going to tell you all that we woke up to this on Tues. April 21. Yep, that's right, it's snow. Travis is very happy he's not here because this disgusts him. He hates that winter in WI started Nov. 30 and is still happening. He likes snow every once in a while, but generally, he can do without it. I like it. This snow melted pretty quickly since it was warm (about 44) that day. Today is supposed to be warm. So far, it's 47 at my house. By tomorrow, we're supposed to see temps into the 70s. Prom is Saturday, so I just hope the weather is good that day. The weathermen are calling for thundershowers. That will not be good since the girls have long, flowing gowns. I'll keep you posted!

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harmijo said...

Wow, that will be quite a weather change, 47 and snowy to temps in the 70's! What wacky weather! I love the snow too though, especially if it isn't too much and melts rather quickly so the roads are easily traveled :) I hope prom night has some of that good 70's style weather instead of the thundershowers they are predicting! Can't wait to see the girl's dresses! I love proms and weddings, when else does a girl get to dress like a princess! :)