Monday, December 08, 2008

checkin' in

Hi all. Just a quickie note to let you all know, we're under a Winter Storm Warning effective until Wed. a.m.!! They're predicting 9-12 inches here. I'm TOTALLY EXCITED!!! The girls are hoping for a snow day, but the SB schools don't call snow days for just any snow storm. It has to be SUPER COLD before they cancel school. I'm predicting there will be a late start, tho. Since they have to clear the roads for the buses and parents/kids to drive in. I hope my squirrels are tucked in warm and's gonna be a long, cold night.


happy zombie said...

Brrrrrr! Dang... that's a ton of snow! We may get valley snow here (here as in PDX/Vanc) on Saturday. I'm sure it will be just cold rain for us on the coast.

Wish I could be all snug in your snowful home with you!

Haley said...

I can't believe the kids got a snow day! What? Are they getting "soft" out there? Sheesh! Enjoy the snow though, we got a dusting the other day and they salted the roads! Talk about paranoid. (Or can we say.... overtime?) ugh. Miss you!