Saturday, September 15, 2007

Homecoming in a Small Town

We endured 40something degrees last night to watch the Clippers LOSE again (they lost last year, too). How sad. The pre-game stuff was pretty fun, tho, and warmer. :)

Traditionally, the students TP the school. The only rule is, they have to clean it up. So, on Monday, the kids will be cleaning up the mess.

What's Homecoming without the PARADE! Here's our beautiful kid marching with her little picolo.

Ah, the bonfire. Here is the pile BEFORE.......

and After

We had fun hanging out with friends, yelling and screaming for our team and then came home and warmed up in our quilts! :)


happy zombie said...

How absolutely wonderful! So Americana!

The Real Me said...

That is the joy of small town Wisconsin! I am going to be out of town with a friend the weekend of our homecoming and have to admit, I am sad to miss it.